How To Go Live on Facebook (Meta)

Look on the left in the menu for YouTube Live Stream & Facebook Live Stream.

Select Facebook Live Stream as depicted in picture below:

171 64 FBYT01

You will need to go to the following FB Link to start:

You will see the following website click on Create Live Stream button:

172 65 FB0101

Then on the next screen choose Go Live as in picture below: (The Red One)

173 66 fblive0202

Then select Streaming Software as Circled below:

174 67 fblive0303

You will now see your key, copy it now please:

175 68 fblive0404

Now just paste your key in your radio panel and click the Start button:

176 64 FBYT01 1

Everything the radio plays now, Live DJ or Auto DJ will now be live on Facebook.

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