How to login to Webmail Online E-Mail

To login directly using your domain go to your domain with /webmail added to the end. So if had the domain, You would go to

  1. Go to one of the login urls explained above.
  2. Enter the Email address you wish to access. (Your full email is always your username)
  3. Enter the password for that email address.
  4. Click login.
  5. The first time you log in you will see this popup box on the top right:
157 Screenshot 2022 01 16 114737

     6.  You can just click on Got it for now.
     7.  Choose any one of the webmail applications to check your mail. (We Suggest Round Cube or Horde for more advanced users)

158 Screenshot 2022 01 16 115010

      8. For more email configuration options, click the User Preferences menu in the top
          navigation bar.

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