How To Schedule playlist/s on your radio

You need to create a playlist first and upload the MP3 file/s to that playlist, then you schedule the playlist as below:

Firstly select your playlist as in the picture, by clicking Manage Playlists on your left menu and then selecting a already created playlist

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Then Click on the Schedule Button as in picture below:

183 51 photo 2021 12 02 15 55 44

At this time you will need to confirm your Time Zone if it is your first time scheduling playlists:

184 52 photo 2021 12 02 15 55 56

After this above Time Zone confirmation you will be at the next screen:

185 53 Schedule01

Here above, everything is self explanatory and you  can also reset your Time Zone if you need to.
If you need any further support on this, please do not hesitate to contact us on

You can list all that you have scheduled by just clicking the Scheduled List Tab as in the picture below:

186 54 listssched

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