Time Zone Questions Answered

The Timezones are not related to the server ROOT account, timezones are set for every single radio account, so it doesnt matter where you are from. Every sonicpanel radio account has its own timezone in your SonicPanel panel and it does not use the servers time or ROOT settings or Reseller settings.

So to understand it better, login to your SonicPanel account and go to the playlist manager, choose a playlist and click on the schedule button, you will see you have an option there to reset the timezone, if the user has not scheduled a playlist at all, it will directly ask the timezone to set for one time. Once you click on that link, the sonicpanel will detect the timezone of the user from his/her computer and will ask if the time is correct or not, once its set thats it, from now on SonicPanel knows that radio user timezone and location and it will use the correct time always. So when you reset your timezone under the schedule page, you are seing your own computer time and date, that means that every user sees their own computer time and date.

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