How to read and send e-mail messages in Apple Mail

Once you have added an e-mail account and set up an outgoing server, you can begin to send and receive messages.

1. Unread messages have this blue dot next to them.

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2. Click any message to view it. The contents will display in the pane below, and the message will be marked as read. You click Reply to send a response to this message… or click New Message to begin writing an e-mail.

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3. Type the recipient’s e-mail address here.

71 frame04 1 2

4. Enter a Subject for this message.

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5. Choose the From address if you have more than one.

73 frame07 1 5

6. Type your message.

74 frame10 1 2

7. Let’s see some text formatting options by clicking the Fonts icon. From here you can highlight some text, choose a new new font family and size, and select new font colors.

75 frame12 1 3

8. Now use the wheel to pick a new color.

76 frame17 1 1

9. Click the Attach icon to attach a file… browse for the file and click Choose File.

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10. When ready, click Send.

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11. We can view our sent message in the Outbox.

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That’s it! Now you know how to read and create messages in Apple Mail.

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