How to setup a mail account using IMAP

This tutorial assumes you have already set up an e-mail account in your control panel.

1. Go to File… then click Add Account.

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2. Type your name as you want it to appear… enter your full e-mail address… then type the password associated with this account. When ready, click Continue.

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3. Select IMAP for the Account Type.

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4. Then type a description, and enter the Incoming Mail Server as provided by your host. Note that this can be anything from to just the domain name.

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5. Type your username and password, then click Continue.

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6. In order to send mail from this address, we need to set up the Outgoing Mail Server. Enter a description, then type the Outgoing Mail Server here.

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7. If required by your host, check Use Authentication, then click Continue.

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8. Review the information and click Create.

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9. That’s it! Here is the mailbox we just set up… and all the messages on the server show up here.

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